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    1. Contact Us

      Machinery Services

      Installation, maintenance and repair of rotating equipment

      e.g.: steam turbine generator, turbine compressor, gas turbine, screw compressor, bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, air blower, centrifuge, coal pulverizer, belt conveyer, hoister, agitator, coupler, etc. and various kinds of water pumps and oil pumps

      Installation maintenance and repair of special equipment

      e.g.: various kinds of industrial boilers, pressure pipeline, pressure vessels, valves, torches, flue gas desulphurization equipments, flue gas denitrationequipments, chemical water treatment equipments, etc.

      Industrial cleaning of special equipment

      Specific methods include: dry cleaning (labor), wet cleaning, steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning

      Over 20 years experience in the installation, maintenance, repair of chemical equipments and mechanical equipments in power plants;

      The setup and implementation of QHSE management system;

      Qualified in all kinds of maintenance and installation tasks;

      Excellent human resources and best construction equipments;

      24-hour instant response mechanism.