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    1. Contact Us

      Electrical Instrumentation

      Operation, maintenance, testing and installation of electrical system (including maintenance of generator, motor and transformer, relay protection, high voltage test, installation and commission of high and low voltage switch box, etc. )

      Installation, maintenance and repair of anti-explosive electrical equipments

      Failure testing and treatment of high voltage cable

      Fabrication of high voltage cable pothead

      Installation, commission and maintenance of DCS, DEH, FSSS, ETS control and interlock system

      Installation, commission and maintenance of electromagnetic, vortex street and other flowmeters, belt weigher, online analytical instrument, toxic and combustible gases

      Point inspection of control system

      Maintenance of control valves

      Checking, testing and verification of measuring instruments

      Over 20 years experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of power generation, supply and distribution equipments, and automatic instruments;

      Hold License of Level IV Power Facility Installation (Maintenance & Commission), Certificate of Installation and Repair of Anti-explosive Electrical Equipment, all qualification certificates in petrochemical instrument and automatic inspection, maintenance and repair (E1-E8);

      Equipped with professional laboratory of standard temperature and pressure;

      Strong technical support C cover various works, precise classification of specialties, best inspection and testing equipments, rich experience in maintenance and installation.